Here are some of my thoughts on a variety of topics related to performance and practice.  I believe that progress occurs when we are on point and focused on the desired product.  Feel free to contact me if you would like my insight on a particular issue!



Listening to world class artistry (on your instrument, and others) is the best way to expand your tastes, broaden your musical expectations, and establish a compass point on your road to improvement.  


Below is a partial listing of my favorite brass artists and ensembles.  I've also listed a few of my favorite orchestras.  There is an ocean of music waiting to be discovered.  Your level of artistry is directly related to your depth of musical curiosity.   Through listening, you

will refine your ideas on sound, phrasing, style, and much more.


Trombone Chamber:                                                        Brass Chamber:

Four of a Kind                                                     Center City Brass Quintet

Trombones de Costa Rica                                    American Brass Quintet

Viento Sur Trombone Quartet                                   Empire Brass Quintet

Vienna Trombone Quartet                                                         Brass Ring

New Trombone Collective                                    Meridian Arts Ensemble

Trombone Unit Hannover                                                  Canadian Brass

Chicago Trombone Consort                                                German Brass

San Francisco Trombone Ensemble                                    Summit Brass


Tenor Trombone Soloists:                                   Bass Trombone Soloists:
Joseph Alessi                                                                       Blair Bollinger

Nitzan Haroz                                                                         Randy Hawes

Christian Lindberg                                                                   Paul Pollard

Jim Markey (also bass)                                                         Stefan Schulz

Jorgen van Rijen                                                                Charles Vernon


Jazz & Commercial:                                                   Orchestral Sections:

J.J. Johnson                                                  Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Marshall Gilkes                                           Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Wycliffe Gordon                                                     New York Philharmonic

Alex Iles                                                                  Philadelphia Orchestra

Andy Martin                                                      Concertgebouw Orchestra

Bill Reichenbach, bass                              Montreal Symphony Orchestra

George Roberts, bass                      San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

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